Full Service Brokerage for One Third the Commission!

Just like the big brand name brokerages, we provide you
full services, marketing, and representation for a fraction of what they charge. 
Here are some of the services we provide for you:

-    Determine the accurate market value of your home so you know how to price it to sell fast and for top dollar.
-    Evaluate your house and determine what, if anything, should be improved to net you more cash
-    Place your listing in the real estate Multiple Listing Service (MLS) so that thousands of other agents will be able    to find your house for sale and bring buyers.  92% of all buyers in San Diego come from buyer’s agents looking in    the MLS – NOT from the listing agent like they would have you believe.
-    Take professional quality photos and/or video to post on the listings online, and link the virtual tour to the sign in your yard so any smartphone user can access it by texting or by reading a QR code on the sign.
-    Market the house on Zillow, Trulia, Realtor.com, and other websites buyers are searching on.
-    Hold Open Houses if you desire.
-    Place a “For Sale” sign in your yard complete with a “text for information” banner to attract buyers to ask about  your house.
-    Place an MLS official lockbox on your house to allow buyers’ agent to show your home (with an appointment of  course)
-    Show your home to prospective buyers when they do not have their own agent.
-    Take phone calls from buyers, answer questions about your home and schedule appointments for showings.  We do all the phone work.
-    Screening and eliminating unqualified buyers BOFORE they waste your time touring a house they are not  qualified to buy.
-    Develop a marketing plan with you considering newspaper, Pay Per Click ads, our website, etc.
-    Receive and review offers to purchase, present offers to you and offer our professional insight as to whether the  offer is worth accepting; propose counter-offer terms which will make the deal sweeter for you; prepare counter-  offers and present to buyer’s agent.
-    Make sure all the required paperwork is properly prepared and executed.  There are tons of forms now required  by law.
-    Negotiate with a buyer’s agent to get you the best price and terms for you – we will go to bat and represent you  exclusively when there is a buyer agent involved. 
-    Make sure everything stays on track and on the correct timeline to avoid delays in closing the deal
-    Offer suggestions as to when it is appropriate to change the list price of the house should there be inadequate  activity on your home sale

Choose Dave and Darla to handle your sale – they are seasoned professional real estate investors and Dave is a licensed broker in three states.  The Suders own over 100 properties of their own and consequently have negotiated countless deals in both residential and multi-family real estate.  You could lose thousands if you use a local ‘sales associate’ who has to have all his work approved and reviewed by his supervising broker.  With Suder Realty, you get the broker himself as opposed to a sales person working under a broker.  Plus you get EXPERIENCE – and that 20+ years of knowhow and experience ensures you get the best price and terms for your house!  If you’re having surgery, you want the doctor with the most experience taking care of you – not just his nurse.  

Call me today to discuss the sale of your home
and how we can save you tens of thousands of dollars!